Fried chicken in Phuket
Whether you are looking to eat some delicious Thai street food, fresh seafood, or non-Thai cuisine, there is something for everyone in Patong.

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While the food was delicious, there is a lot of MSG in every dish

My favourite thing to eat in Thailand is street food, and Patong is great for that. Whether you are looking for curry, meat skewers or seafood, you’re bound to leave Patong with a full stomach.
If you are a frequent traveller to Thailand, you’ll notice that the food in Patong is more experience compared to the rest of Thailand. Of course, compared to Western prices, everything is still a lot cheaper than the meals you’d pay for in North America. The price reference I use is for mango sticky rice. It’s 120 baht ($4 USD) in Phuket, but only 50-60 baht ($2 USD) in Chiang Mai. Same with pad thai – you can find pad thai for 45 (Under $2 USD) baht in Chiang Mai, but the same dish in Phuket will cost you close to 100 baht (or more!). Not a dealbreaker, but something you may notice if you’re used to cheap Thai prices.


Ok, so this won’t impact a lot of people, but it did for me because I don’t like MSG. If you don’t even notice when there’s MSG in your food, then you can skip this point. Just know that if vendors tell you there’s no MSG in the dish, they really mean there’s a little bit of MSG, especially if it’s a meat dish at a street stall. I kept getting sick every night because of all the MSG they put into the food and so I started to detest the night market.