Adana kebap

Adana kebap is a popular skewered meat dish named after one of the most famous kebab cities in the country, Adana. This kebab is made with ground lamb and tail fat that are kneaded together with garlic, onion, paprika, and hot red pepper flakes, giving it a deep red color and a spicy flavor.

The whole concoction is typically placed around large and flat metal skewers, then grilled. Once it’s done, the grilled meat is traditionally served on a platter with rice and salad, or stuffed into pita bread along with a salad consisting of parsley and red onions.

Before the pita is rolled, the meat is usually topped with roasted chilies, salt, cumin, and sumac. It is recommended to pair Adana kebap with ayran – a slightly salty, yogurt-based beverage or şalgam, a non-alcoholic fermented beverage made from vegetables and red carrots.