Basic Details for Travel to Ayder

Ayder, Turkey

Turkey is known as an ideal destination for summer holidays. That’s true, but not enough. There are different types of tourism such as cultural, religious, medical etc. And it’s possible to enjoy with a few of them in a single town also. We’d like to refer an example for it: Ayder…

Ayder Plateau is in Rize and it is close to Camlihemsin (Çamlıhemşin in Turkish) district of Rize province.

Why you should consider travel to Ayder?
If you are bored and tired of the stress due to monotony, spending time in nature is a good solution for your mental health. Traffic jam, excessive workload, city noise are just a few reasons of depression and stress. So, don’t you think you deserve a vacation? If your answer is “Yes”, please continue to read…

Rize, Turkey

What can you do around the region?
There’re lots of activities. Two of them are our favorites: Rafting on Firtina River and hiking (or trekking) in Ayder Plateau.

These two locations (Firtina and Ayder) are the most popular destinations in Rize. On the other hand, there’re more destinations for tourists who are interested in different activities.
Kackar Mountains covers too many beatiful places. Thanks to national park, historical and natural beauties are protected. The region is announced as a national park in 1994 and its name is the National Park of Kackar Mountains. There are different endemic plants and animals, also. You can also visit waterfalls of Palovit and Gelintulu in the park. It includes eight different trekking routes, and facility of camping and picnic areas.

One of the great destinations in Rize is Zilkale (Zil Castle) where is in Cat Valley. It looks like a castle from Game of Thrones or The Lord of the Rings.
Ayder Plateau is not only for transhumance tours. Hot springs in the plateau are open for guests. Also you can visit other plateaus of the region, Kavrun, Huser, and Avusor.


Turkish cuisine is wider than you can think. Region of Black Sea has own cuisine, and a city of the region, Rize has own origin cuisine also. You should taste both of these cuisines.

Muhlama is an example from the cuisine. You can eat whenever you want, but our recommendation is to eat it in your breakfast before leave to trip. This dish is prepared with pure butter and local cheeses. Try it with drinking Turkish tea.

And some more examples from the region’s cuisine: Braised meat of Rize, pepecura (traditional grape pudding), kocakari gerdani (a kind of baklava in the region). There’re also too many different foods of chard and black cabbage. You can try many local foods which made with hamsi such as steamed hamsi, meatball or rice (pilav).

If you have traveled there before, please let us know what you suggest.

Have a nice holiday…