Bus Traveling in Turkey

When you compare total areas of countries in the World, you’ll see that Turkey is similar with Mozambique and Chile. It is situated in Anatolia (Asia) and East Thrace (Europe) in the east-west latitude. Driving can take almost a day between two distant points. Bus traveling is not popular for tourists, but there are some advantages and something you may like also.

You can travel in across Turkey by airways, and railways. On the other hand, bus traveling is another option. We’d like to share a few suggestions and tips about bus traveling in Turkey.

1) Budget & Travel Time
In Turkey, prices of train tickets are mostly cheap. On the other hand, in some cases, you may need to find something different than railways. If you want to arrive your destination faster than train option, intercity buses can be economical for you. Also rail network is not very wide around the country. So you have to evaluate them most probably.

2) Buying Tickets
You can buy your bus ticket in websites (online), customer services (on the phone), intercity bus terminals (physically). Buying ticket in websites is easier and better than customer services. You don’t need to tell or dial numbers of your credit card to a real person in websites. They’ve to obey national laws which are in international standards. Also you can choose your seat, when you buy it on the website. They post your ticket to your phone by SMS and/or e-mail. When you go to bus terminal, you can get your ticket in the office directly.

If you will buy your bus ticket in an intercity bus terminal, you should know that we can divide these companies in two categories. And you may use different strategies. First, you can check the price in their website. Normally, prices in the website is cheaper. For example, if a ticket is ₺50 in the website, they sell it ₺55 in the terminal. But it is not a rule. So, you can ask the price face to face and you can try higgle. The best higgle strategy in intercity bus terminals is saying “Thanks” and leave to another office. Then, the officer can offer a better price to sell. You should know that also, it is not possible for some companies. If a company doesn’t pay commission to these offices, they can’t make discount probably.

3) Break Time in the Journey
Intercity buses have to stop in every 4 hours. It’s a rule: Even if they stop in bus terminals, they need to stop for its passengers and drivers, regularly.

There’re a few travel tips for you. First of all, prices can be expensive in these service areas. So, we don’t sugget you to buy something for eat and souvenirs in there. When your bus enters to a service area, just visit gas station to buy eat somehing like snack or junk food. And don’t forget that, you can get almost all these things in the bus for free.

If the service area is not in out-of-town, you can eat your meal somewhere close it. It provides you two things: First, foods can be cheaper and you can use WC for free. Attention to time, the buses waits 20 or 30 minutes.

4) Features & Facilities in the Bus
Don’t forget to bring your headsets. Most probably you’ll able to enjoy with films, MP3’s and other kinds of facilities in the bus.

There’ll be an assistant (Muavin in Turkish and almost same with a hostess) in the bus most probably. S/he will service regularly and you can ask water whenever you want.

5) Which Company?
There is no standard answer. Pamukkale can be a good option, if it services where you go. We can put in order Kamil Koc, and Anadolu, after it.