Cheapest Hotels in Turkey: University Hotels

There’re more than 100 state universities in Turkey and almost of all of them have minimum one guest house. The except of the guest houses, if a university has a department like tourism and hotel management, there is probably also a hotel. Now let’s talk about these hotels which are the most economical and the most efficient in the price performance balance…

This type of hotels are referred to as “Uygulama Oteli” (or Uygulamali Otel) and uygulama means “practice”. The purpose of the establishment of these hotels is to allow the students studying in the related department to practice. Secondly, it is aimed that university guests make an affordable stay. Extra amenities in hotels are not available. On the other hand, if an average room and a good breakfast are enough for you, they’re good alternatives.

Are they really cheap?
When we compare them with 3, 4, and 5 star hotels, the answer is Yes. They might be expensive than hostels and other options. On the other hand, accommodation in the comfort of the hotel, very affordable extra services and free breakfast are reasonable.

Where are they?
Some of them are in university campuses, and some are in out. Their rules are similar with other hotels like check-in time. They’re not similar with student dorms.

Booking issue
They’ve not too much rooms like other hotels. They’re also cheap. These two reasons make booking hard. Not the all, but most of them are not renting their rooms in online. You’ve to call, and book.

Price policies
In general, two different prices are determined. Students of the university, their employees and the ones who stay with them pay less. The other price is for everyone. These hotels are the cheapest hotels in Turkey, even though the sums payable expensive.

Some Tips
~ For booking, you must call between 09:00 – 16:00. It may be difficult at other hours.
~ When you decide your destination, you should research the state university of that city. Then, you can write its name in a search engine with “Uygulama Oteli”. For example, if you’ll travel to Mugla, “Mugla Sitki Kocman University Uygulama Oteli” will assist you. (If you can’t find, you can write it in Comment Box to ask)
~ Universities usually organise graduation ceremony in June. When families come to the city on these dates, it may be difficult to find a room.