Day Trip to Ainos and Gala Lake

Enez is a district of Edirne. The border district is located in Northern Aegean side, and it is possible to travel Greece, also. The most beautiful attractive place of Enez is The Ancient City Of Ainos. Also the Lake Gala National Park is another natural destination.  I’d like to introduce about the ruins for your travel plan…

If you’re in Istanbul, you can go Enez by an intercity bus from Istanbul Esenler (European side) Bus Terminal. It takes maximum five hours. If you miss the bus, you can prefer to go Kesan that’s another district of Edirne where is eastern border of Enez. Then, you can find a bus from Kesan to Enez, easily. (If you’ll fly to Istanbul Airport, then you should go to intercity bus terminal firstly.)

Renting a car is another option, and it’s a good idea for stop when and wherever you want.

Ainos Castle, Enez

The city is thought to have been founded in the Neolithic Age. Archaeological excavations have been continuing since the 1970’s. The objects found are exhibited in the museum in Edirne. You can visit the castle and the mosque in there.

The Lake Gala National Park

The Lake Gala National Park
When you drive to north for just 8 km, you can arrive the national park. The park covers three different lakes. In the Park, 311 plant species have been identified and 5 of these species are endemic. The park holds more than 150 bird species, and it’s a great destination for bird watchers.

If you leave Istanbul early hours, you will not need to spend the night in Enez. There are some cheap hotels in Enez. If you feel tired, staying a night can be preferred.

Have a nice trip…