How you Travel?

If you’re going to visit Turkey, there are some options for your travel organisation. Basically, we can evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of these three options. Then, you can decide to suitable one.

1) Tour Operators
If you don’t have any idea about what you will do, you should research alternatives of tour operators.
+ Their first advantege is lower flight and hotel prices. They can provide better prices then the prices you get, though not always.
+ If you cannot decide about your travel plan, participating of a tour group provides an efficient holiday.
+ You can make new friends with people in the same tour group.
– You have to obey their timetables and routes. If you miss, probably you can’t get a second chance.
– You can’t explore something different. For example if they go to Museum A, you can’t visit Museum B where is close to A.
– Sadly, it’s possible to pay more in regular restaurants. Most of tour operators have aggrements with restaurants on their routes. Having dinner or lunch in somewhere else can be impossible.

2) Local Guides
It’s another option and dealing a guide from your destination can be preferred.
+ You can get a preliminary information before your trip. If you don’t want to go, you can change your route easily.
+ A flexible timetable can be planned. When you want to sleep one more hour, just write and post a SMS, that’s it.
– You need to book your hotel and you’ve to search all flights to find a better price. Making your book and buying your flight tickets before a few months ago can be good. On the other hand, you can pay more if you do these steps in short time ago.
– You have to find a reliable and well-informed guide.

3) Without a Tour Operator or a Local Guide
If you’re a solo (single) traveler or if you’ll travel with your family or friends, it’s possible to do it without participating a tour group and not to finding a guide.
+ All is totally up to you. If you prepare a good travel plan, it’s going to be best option. You’ll be free totally.
+ If you take care of your plans and pay some more attention, it can be an economical holiday. Firstly, you’ve to decide your destination. Then, search all transportation alternatives. Finally, book your hotel. If you plan your travel in September, these steps have to be done in June.
+ You can explore more than your expectations. You can discover traditional foods, activities, destinations, goods by chance.
– If you need to change your plan or cancel it, it’s going to be hard to getting your payments.
– Its effective may be low. You can visit and see different museums or ruins, but you can’t learn interesting facts.

We’ve a few suggestions as well:
~ When you decide your destination, please check transportation alternatives. When you compare flight prices, you can get an idea.
~ According to your destination, you may need a guide in fact. Under this condition, first or second option can be better. On the other hand, if you will go to a hotel for its beach, last option looks better.
~ Follow the discounts. For example, if you want to visit somewhere in July, you’ve to begin to look discounts in January.

What is your opinion? Please share your opinions with us by comment box below.