Istanbul Two-Day Person Route by Car

The more popular in Europe by train, the more so-called “road trip yol in the United States arouses curiosity. In Turkey, the Orient Express last few years thanks to Instagram began to see strong demand. So what do you think of the crowded largest city in Turkey, a route that you can use tools bored with pleasure? We have prepared a route for you to spend a weekend…

Our route is ideal for the winter season; in other words, we have created the fastest and most comfortable route by not adding places where the roads are likely to be blocked due to frost and snow. We had breakfast in the early hours of Saturday morning and preferred the Silivri – Tekirdağ route. Following this very enjoyable route, we stopped at Keşan for lunch and enjoyed the meat. We recommend you to taste this delightful meal in Keşan which will not leave your palates during the whole trip.

Then we turned the wheel in the direction of Gallipoli and threw ourselves into the Lapseki ferry. also
Let us remind you, we stopped several times around Adilhan to enjoy the unique view. Then we reached the ferry port. If you have more time to get off the ferry on your arrival, you can go to Eceabat, which is further south, and then take the ferry from Canakkale.

Up to this point of the trip, we had the opportunity to pass close to many valuable places; but we did not stop to determine the ideal route for you. However, the Gallipoli Peninsula deserves more than a day. There are also Troy and many others in Çanakkale…

When it comes to the Anatolian side of Çanakkale, there are two options. You can either follow the Sea of ​​Marmara from the north and follow the Aegean Sea from the south to the east. We decided to go south with the opportunity to have good weather. In order to enjoy the scenery and the journey while at least pausing, we follow the speed rules as much as possible and even slower when the vehicle is not fitted behind us. Ezine, Ayvacık and finally Akçay’a a journey into nature is involved; but then again the city traffic begins to show itself. Edremit looks like a city in summer and doesn’t lose much in winter.

We have turned our route to Ali Bey, Cunda to spend the night. Prices are well below the summer average. We found a cheap option, we logged in and threw ourselves out. We can claim that we fully enjoyed the island. In the meantime, if you’re good with seafood, this is really a location to show you gastronomic tourism.

Saying hello to Sunday morning on this beautiful island is a really good feeling. Compared to the market mornings of Istanbul, even the air attracts people. We do not linger too much to wake up in Istanbul on Monday morning and we set off. Direction Manisa Salihli district… Pergamon, Akhisar, Gölmarmara, we preferred to stay away from the city traffic. If you want, you can reach Izmir from Aliağa and then from Turgutlu. Another option is to move from Menemen to Manisa and then to Turgutlu. The decision is yours; but we believe you will want to see Gölmarmara.

Our aim is to come to Salihli. To taste the wood meatballs and spend an hour in the hot springs. First we set out into the mountain, the municipality’s facilities. It was here that nature was perhaps the most generous. Then we broke the steering wheel towards our meatballs.

We decided to try the new motorway to make our turn a little faster. We drove to Turgutlu, a road we didn’t see, and then we reached the new road. Obviously, I’ve been driving in Istanbul for months between home and work. Indeed, my wife and friends agreed with me.

Photos from the trip are here as soon as possible…