Izmir Airport (ADB) Transfers

Transfers from airports to hotels (or cities) can be a problem for some cases. It might be hard to find the best option. Comparing prices, times, and comfort probably give you an idea. On this content, we’re going to evaluate for Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport. If you think we miss a destination, please write in comment box.

First of all, the airport is located in Menderes district of Izmir. We’ll evaluate all transfer options by types. After that, we will write some suggestions for some important points.

Airport Transfers
(IZBAN and other trains, public buses, and private buses)

1) IZBAN and Other Trains
IZBAN is the abbreviation of Izmir Suburban and it connects between Aliaga (a northern district) with Selcuk (a southern district). The suburban rail can be preferred, especially for southern districts. It’s not slow and it’s a cheap option.

Izmir has two railheads: Alsancak, and Basmane. There’re also train lines from Basmane to south cities such as Denizli. We don’t suggest them, if you’re going to city center. They’re okay for southern districts such as Odemis, Tire and Selcuk. Also you can prefer them, if you’ll travel to cities (and districts) such as Denizli, Nazilli, Aydin, Soke.

2) Public Buses
ESHOT is the company of the metropolitan municipality. They service to the airport from three different destinations. The bus (No: 200) runs to the airport from the northern district. Sadly, you can use it only nights. During the day you can prefer IZBAN on this route. The bus (No: 202) runs to Konak, city center. The last one (No: 204) works to intercity bus terminal.

3) Private Buses
Havas is a private bus company and it services in five different routes. Cesme, City Center and Karsiyaka, Aydin and Nazilli, Kusadasi and Soke, Manisa.
PS, you can take a taxi or rent a car. We couldn’t decide what to write about them…

Transfers to Popular Destinations from the Airport
(Destinations in Izmir, and out of Izmir)
If you’re going to use ESHOT (Public buses) and/or IZBAN (Suburban trains), you need a Izmirim Card. You can buy a new one, and when you load money, you can use it whenever you want. It is used in tram, metro, ferry also.
If you don’t want it, you can buy Bilet 35 (Ticket) and you can use it only once.
Important Note 1: Please don’t forget to ask your hotel, if they’ve free airport transfer or not. If they don’t provide it, you can ask them these options.
Important Note 2: The list was made according to our preferences.
1) City Center
Izmir has 30 districts and one of them is Konak where is in the city center. If your hotel is in Alsancak, Basmane or Cankaya which means your destination will be Konak. There’re three options:

i) Private Buses
One of the HAVAS lines works to Alsancak. Our first suggestion is these buses.
ii) Public Buses (ESHOT)
If you want, you can prefer this option. Number 202 runs to Konak. We suggest that if you’ve not too much baggages.

iii) IZBAN
If your hotel is in Alsancak or Kordon, you should get off in Alsancak Station. If it is in somewhere Basmane, Cankaya, or Konak, you should connect to metro in Hilal Station. If you like travel by trains and if you don’t have too much baggages, it’s a good option also.
2) Cesme
Cesme is a very popular destination in summertime and some of Cesme hotels provide free airport transfer service. If your hotel doesn’t provide this service, there are also some options:
i) Private Buses
HAVAS buses are moving to Cesme in every two hours. You can go both Alacati and Cesme by them.
ii) Public and Private Buses
If you want to see around the city, you can choose this option; but it’s going to be slower and more expensive. Firstly, you should go to intercity bus terminal with ESHOT (Number 204). Then you can go to Cesme with the bus operating company: Cesme Seyahat.
3) Kusadasi
Also some Kusadasi hotels provide free airport transfer service; but if yours doesn’t do it, here are some options:
i) Private Buses
It’s possible to go Kusadasi with HAVAS buses.
ii) IZBAN and Minibus
The other option is going to Selcuk by IZBAN. Then you can arrive Kusadasi by Selcuk – Kusadasi minibus.
4) Foca
If you have decided to make your holiday in one of Foca hotels, the route is north. Probably you’re going to Eski Foca, but there are some hotels in Yeni Foca as well. Please ask them, are they in Eski (Old) Foca or Yeni (New) Foca.
When we compare it with previous routes except of first one, it’s the easiest one.
– Eski Foca: You should go Hatundere Station and then you can go Foca by ESHOT bus (744).
– Yeni Foca: You should get off in Bicerova Station, and then 745 (ESHOT bus) runs to Yeni Foca.

5) Manisa
Manisa is in northern side of Izmir. There’re two options to go there. If you want, you can go Manisa by HAVAS, and the other is:
i) First of all, you need to go intercity bus terminal with ESHOT public bus (204) or HAVAS. Then, you can find a bus to Manisa in almost every hour.
6) Aydin
Aydin is in southern side of Izmir. All is same with previous (Manisa) one. Plus, you can go by train. B38 (Basmane – Denizli) and B310 (Basmane – Nazilli) run through Aydin. If you miss it, 5-i will be better.

7) Pamukkale
If you’ll go to Pamukkale (Hierapolis, cotton castle), there’re a few options as well. (When you’re looking to flight tickets, you can also search for Denizli. There are flights from Istanbul and Sabiha Gokcen airports.)
i) Trains
You can prefer to go Pamukkale by trains. If you prefer it, you sould get off in Goncalı Station. It takes maximum 30 minutes from the station to Pamukkale, if you take a taxi. Train number is B38 (Basmane-Denizli) and its schedule is 08:06, 09:18, 11:55, 15:55, 17:06, and 18:19.
ii) Intercity Buses
The other option is the same with 5-i.

8) Others like Bodrum, Didim, Marmaris
First of all, let us to remind you that Bodrum – Milas Airport is available for international and domestic flights. Even if you can’t find an international one, there’re flights from airports in Istanbul. If you already buy your tickets to Izmir, so 5-i is a good option.

If you have traveled there before, please let us know what you suggest.

Have a nice holiday.