Modern Malls or Historical Bazaars

Grand Bazaar
Malls in Turkey, which were opened in consecutive rows, had an impact on both economic and social life. It took a while for that to be understood. 
Malls are a good option in rainy or hot weather. 
It is also good to find parking. Another advantage is that product groups are sold in certain sections. 
And what about historical bazaars? 
Which one do you prefer as a tourist? 
Modern malls or historical bazaars?..

Terms: When you use a dictionary, you can mix some terms. Let’s explain them briefly…

Çarşı” has two means in everyday life. One of them is used as “bedesten” and refers to historical places. Grand and Spice Bazaars in Istanbul are the best examples for it. The other meaning is used for the normal market (shopping places).
AVM” is the short form of “alışveriş merkezi” and it means shopping center, mall, or centre).
Pazar” means bazaar, but you can buy fruit and vegetable in there. They are set up either in the streets or in special allocated areas on certain days of the week. They are named according to where they were founded or the day they were founded. Like Tuesday Pazar or Besiktas Pazar.
i) If you want to go to a historical market, you can give a direct name. “Kapali Carsi” for Grand Bazaar or “Misir Carsisi” for Spice Bazaar for example.
ii) If you want to go to a shopping mall you can say “mall”, this word is used. Or “AVM” is a more understandable word.
Grand Bazaar
Some tour companies receive payment by the management of the mall depending on the number of tourists or the number of buses they bring. So, if you were taken to a shopping mall when you came round, you could get that there was a possibility.
Grand Bazaar
On the other hand, some tour companies prefer traditional (historical) bazaars to provide a good service to tourists. In this case, if the tour guide encourages you to enter a store stubbornly, s/he may be receiving commissions from your shopping. It is also another possibility. If your tour guide does not interfere with you, this will undoubtedly be the best case. Otherwise, you should share your opinion with him or her.

Spice Bazaar

Some Malls
In Ankara, there are around 40 malls, while there are less than 20 in Antalya and there are around 30 in Izmir. On the other hand, there more than 100 malls in Istanbul.

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to compare them because everyone’s expectations are different and there may be misdirection also. We can only talk about a few. For example, Viaport Asia (in Pendik) is close to Sabiha Gokcen Airport and it might be preferred on your way to the airport. On the way to Istanbul Airport, Mall of Istanbul (in Basaksehir) can be preferred. In İzmir, Optimum (in Gaziemir) is on the airport road.

Why Malls?
Textile products in Turkey are both quality and cheap. The subcontractors of many famous brands are also in Turkey. If you want to buy cheap goods of international brands, you should visit the malls. Also, be sure to collect your invoice for tax refund at the airport.

Exception: The factory of Hugo Boss is in Izmir and you can find the products of the brand in the store on the way to the airport at very reasonable prices.

Spice BazaarBazaars
As you know, Grand Bazaar and Spice Bazaars are the most famous ones in Istanbul. If you want to visit these two points, you have to take a day. You should leave other historical and religious places in the region to another day. It would be better if you started your trip at Spice Bazaar. After it, you can walk to the Grand Bazaar for less than 10 minutes.

You can read more about these two and others as soon as possible on the blog. The first three photos in the content are from Grand Bazaar and the other three are from Spice Bazaar.

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