Muamba de galinha-Africa Angola

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Muamba de galinha or chicken muamba is a dish made with chicken, red palm oil sauce called muamba de dendem, garlic, okra and gindungo – a variety of Angolan hot chile pepper. Palm oil gives the dish a specific flavor, while lycopene provides the red color.

Studies have shown its various health benefits – it is rich in antioxidants, helpful in preventing heart disease, and regulates cholesterol. Since Angola was a Portuguese colony for ages, Portuguese gastronomy had a great influence on Angolan cuisine, so as a result, many Angolan dishes are based on meat and palm oil.

Gindungo is an optional ingredient while preparing the dish. It can be made in spicy or mild versions, depending on personal preferences. The dish is traditionally accompanied by fungee (a starchy food prepared by boiling and stirring corn or cassava into a porridge) and tender cooked beans seasoned with palm oil and salt.