Save your Money: Mastercard’s Global Destination Cities Index in Terms of Turkey

Mastercard shared its 2018 report and gave information about Global Destination Cities Index. There are two different lists in the Index. For those who are likely to travel to Turkey, we also made a mini-assessment.

Two months ago, we had shared a content about five main reasons to travel to Turkey. You can read it by: Why you should travel Turkey?

As you see in our previous content, the first reason is about budget. And the Index also gave the same message. There are İstanbul and Antalya in the list of The Global Top 10 Destination Cities in 2018. According to datas, tourists paid $106 for a day in İstanbul and $44 in Antalya. Meanwhile, Istanbul is ranked eighth and Antalya is ranked tenth.

13.40 million people chose Istanbul, while 12.41 million people chose Antalya. On the other hand, when we look at the second list, there is no city from Turkey. It was interesting that there were two cities on the list of most visited places, but not even one city on the list of places that spent the most money. This can be a cool detail and clue for those looking for an affordable and quality holiday.

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