Tettnanger Hopfen

The first official record of hop-growing in this unique countryside between the northern shore of Bodensee lake and the Allgäu region dates back to 1150, but the first commercial cultivation of hops began here in 1844. The climatic conditions made wine-growing difficult in the region, however, they were perfect for Tettnang to make a name for itself in hop cultivation far beyond the borders of the region.

Tettnanger hops are used almost exclusively for producing beer, with a very small portion put to use in pharmaceutical products. The exceptionally delicate aromas, often described as flowery, citrusy, fruity, redcurrant-like, sweet, and spicy, are made up of over 300 essential oils.

Ninety six percent of Tettnang hops are classified in the ‘finest aroma’ category, and many claim that the Tettnang hop is the finest of all hops. Its harmonious but lingering, full, mild aroma and delicate bitterness give beers an unmistakable character.

Brew masters all over the world consider it to be the ‘green gold’ of Montfort City, and they use it to improve the premium quality of their beers.