The Museum Hotel Antakya

A new hotel will be opened in Hatay, which is home to different civilizations and is known as Turkey’s city of tolerance. It has an interesting story and you can evaluate it on your next travel.

When construction of a hotel began, it was unknown what could emerge from underneath. A preserved mosaic cover has been discovered underground from the ancient Roman period to the present day. This mosaic is also the largest mosaic on earth that remains in one piece.The mosaic covers an area of about 1050 square meters. It is hard to believe, but fragments from 13 different civilizations from the Hellenistic period to the Islamic period were found in the same area.

And here is their video:
It takes a maximum of 30 minutes to reach the hotel at Hatay Airport. There are direct flights from Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir to Hatay. It can also be reached from Riyadh, Jeddah, Medina, Ercan (Northern Cyprus).