The Top 3 Hotels in Edirne


Edirne is located in northwestern Turkey and its population is less than half million. The city hosts different historical and religious buildings. It is a popular destination because of oil wrestling, and its cuisine also. It is in the border of Greece and Bulgaria, and tourists can prefer to stay in the city at least a night. So, we’d like to evaluate their options in the city.

When you compare the numbers of hotels in Edirne with other destinations like Istanbul, or Antalya, you’ll understand how limited it is. According to your travel plan, you may need to book your room before. There’s a university and it can effect the hotels in June especially. Also the committee organises oil wrestling festival in July. It’s possible to find and book a hotel room in other ten months is easier than these two months.

We looked the hotels where are in Central Edirne. If you plan to visit Uzunkopru, the stone bridge in district of Edirne, these hotels are not good options for example.

If your travel plan includes these areas, the hotels in this content might be preferred:
Historical mosques: Selimiye Mosque, Old Mosque, Uc Serefeli Mosque etc.
Historical buildings and museums: the Complex of Sultan Bayezid II Health Museum, Lozan (Lausanne) Museum, Archeology and Ethnography Museum, the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts etc.
Historical bazaars and caravanserais: Ekmekcizade Caravanserai, Rustempasa Caravanserai etc.
Religious places: Grand Synagogue of Edirne etc.
Other historical buildings: Mecidiye (Meric) Bridge, Fatih Bridge, Edirne Palace, Adalet Kasri etc.

Hotels in Edirne (Top Three)

Hammam1) Margi Hotel 
The hotel is in the D100 Road. If you care swimming pools, Margi Hotel provides it better. It has also spa facility, and fitness center. On your holiday in Turkey, a Turkish bath (hammam) has to be must, and you can enjoy it in Margi.

2) Tashan Hotel
If you’re a backpacker traveler and if you don’t want to waste your time in the hotel, Tashan Hotel can be nice for you. Yes, it doesn’t provide facilities like previous and next two hotels; but it’s cheap and also it provides an atmosphere that allows you to go back in time.

3) RYS Hotel & Restaurant
The hotel is the same road with Margi Hotel. If you want some luxury, this option has to preferred. It provides almost same facilities like the first one. It has to considered for business trips especially.

* * *
There’re malls and stores around these these hotels. If you want to visit historical and religious places such as Selimiye Mosque, you need to walk maximum 15 minutes. 
Tips for hotel prices:
There’re lots of different prices in the websites and we did not want to share them. Our suggestion is writing or calling them directly. It might be possible to get some discount.

 The hammam photo is taken from the website of relevant hotel, Margi.