Traditional Foods in Izmir

Turkish cuisine is one of the most widen kitchens in the World. The regions (and cities) also have their own special foods and beverages. It’s impossible to evaluate all samples in a single content; but we had introduced Turkish foods, basically. We’d like to mention some famous tastes of Izmir in this content to you…

If you plan to visit this city, and if you’ve a “things to do” list, you may add some of these foods to your list. Of course you can taste other foods of different regions such as Kayseri manti, or Adana Kebab…

Our list begins for dessert lovers… Lokma is a regional dessert, and you can find it almost all Balkan and Eastern Mediterranean countries. It is cooked and serviced different, even in the same country. In Izmir, it’s hard to find it when you want. Because people rent mobile lokma cookers, when they’ve death anniversary, when their vow is real like a new job or having a child, or just favor etc. The companies set up the machines in somewhere public, and they distribute to people. If you see it, don’t hesitate and taste the lokma.

While we’re talking about desserts, mastic gum comes to second line of our list. Especially in Cesme, you can find different goods which include mastic gum. Our suggestions are Turkish coffee and ice-cream. You can find mastic ice-cream in out of Izmir, but mastic Turkish coffee could be impossible.

Time to decide something for breakfast, right? We’ve three options, and you can try all of them in your breakfast. One of them is gevrek (it’s called by simit in out of Izmir), and others are kumru and boyoz. Gevrek is a circular bread with sesame seeds and people prefer to eat it with cheese, boiled egg, tomatoes and some tea. Kumru is a kind of cold sandwiches that includes hot green pepper, tomato and a traditional cheese (tulum). Boyoz is another option and it is a delicious and traditional pastry from Sephardi Jews.

As you know, kebabs are popular in Turkey; but different kinds of meatballs are also famous. And almost every region has own meatball. Izmir has two different versions of meatballs. One of them is Izmir meatball and it is serviced with some vegetables. The other one is Tire meatball and the meatballs don’t include any spices except of salt.

You can feel the great taste of olive oil in Izmir cuisine, and unlike the foods of other regions Izmir foods are predominantly vegetable-based. Cnicus benedictus, asparagus, artichoke, glasswort salad, malva, mustard greens, dandelion, portulaca oleracea, sorrel, and urtica are just a few examples. They use these herbs and vegetables in salads, mezes, and meals.