Two Flavors from East Thracia

Satir Et

Thracia region is the part of Bulgaria, Greece, and Turkey. In Turkish side, you can visit Edirne, Kirklareli or Tekirdag. If your route passes through Kesan, there are two local flavours to try…

Kesan is a district in the south of Edirne. If you drive in from Greece or Bulgaria and turn south, you can reach the district. If you are coming from Istanbul, you must drive west and continue as if you will pass through the Ipsala Border Crossing into Greece.

We had introduced three reasons to visit Edirne before. These local tastes could be fourth.
The other contents about Edirne are:
Our suggestions are “satir et” and “cheese halva”. You can try these delicious foods in too many restaurants in Kesan. These two photos are from Camlibel Restaurant.
Satir means chopping knife. Et means meat. In short, satir et means the meat processed with chopping knife. Satir et is not a traditional meal. It can even be claimed to be extremely new. It has been extremely popular in the region since the 1990s. Lambs, which weigh around 40 kg and are fed with thyme, wheat, barley, are preferred in Thrace. The waiting times and the chopping of the meats are important details. Oak fire is another key point. Also spices are not added, very little salt is involved.
Peynir Helvasi
The main ingredients of the dessert (“Peynir Helvası” in Turkish) are cheese, butter, granulated sugar, egg yolk, flour and grits.. Fat and salty sheep cheese is used. Cheese halva is usually served with ice cream.

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