Unit 1 – M2 & D2

Expand on your description and explain in detail providing examples to show how the trends and factors may affect the development of the industry. I will also be talking about two tourism organisations and explaining in detail how they have responded to trends and factors by using statistics and examples
Increased Frequency of Holidays
There is an increased frequency of holidays as it is cheaper to go a weekend break or a few short breaks every year rather than a two week holiday every year. People are going on more holidays as self-book has become easier, allowing people to compare flight and accommodation prices and searching for the best holiday deal which is suited for them
There are constantly new destinations where you can book holidays to this is because there is always new, popular and exciting places to go and visit. British airways have many new destinations and routes for 2015, some examples are: Krakow, Bilbao, Sharm El Sheik, Corfu, Kos, Las Palmas and Fuerteventura. Easy Jet also has new destinations where the airline is flying to: Rome, Naples, Lyon, Munich and Copenhagen.
The top ten holiday destinations are: Spain, France, Greece, USA, GB, Italy, Turkey, Egypt, Croatia and Thailand. 
Due to the increased frequency of holidays there is higher competition between airline operators which result into a in a reduced holiday price. British airways have slight competition from Easy jet but maintains it competitive advantage by having outstanding service for all for its customers. Easy jet gets customers by having low air fares but a great holiday for all.
As there are more people going on holidays every year there are more and room kinds of board bases for accommodation: Full board, half board, Self-catering, and All inclusive, super all inclusive, Bed and Breakfast. Both airline providers have many different kinds of the board bases as they’re accommodation range when booking a holiday through them.

Holiday Home Ownership
As the amount of being owning a holiday home increases accommodation provider’s income decreases. However low cost airlines such as Easy jet gain many more customers, this is because the holiday home owners do not want to pay expensive air fares so will go on an Easyjet flight to save money to spend on food shopping whilst on the holiday or put towards other flights for other times of the year back to their holiday home. 
Holiday homes is a factor which is currently shaping the travel and tourism industry, this is because families and groups of friends are more likely now to book a holiday home such as a villa, because you don’t have to be all cramped into hotel rooms where everyone’s separate.
Growth and expansion of airports

Growth and expansion of regional airports is the final factor which is affecting the travel and tourism industry in a positive way.  
More and more holiday makes are travelling out of regional airports. The newest regional airport to open is Southend airport in February 2013, in the first year of opening there was one million passengers flew out of the airport. 
Terrorism is a serious trend that affects the tourism industry in a negative way. British Airways deals with terrorism alerts and potential terrorist attacks in calm manner by not ending out any of the flights to the location. Easyjet are not following the new rule most airlines are which is to make sure the t aourist’s electrical devices are charged and if they do not work when turned on or will not turn on, the electrical devices would not be allowed through security in case it is part of a terrorism plot.
Natural Disasters 

In 2010, the Bardarbunga volcano exploded releasing up to 50ft of ash. This disrupted all air travelling and all flights were cancelled. British airways dealt with this natural disaster occurring by cancelling all the flights that were going to be flying over Europe or around the ash cloud. 
Easyjet are currently planning an designing two new planes which will “alert pilots to ash in the atmosphere at risk from as far away as 100km” () meaning the customers are not  at risk as there is more chance to do an emergency landing  without putting the people on-board in danger. 
Health Warnings
There are always health warnings worldwide, the most serious current one is Ebola. British airways are cancelling flights which are going to Sierra Leone and Liberia to stop the spread of the fatal disease. Easy jet does not have to worry about Ebola as they do not fly out that far.
British Airways is suffering as they have to cancel and pay back many customers a refund or change their flights to a safer place for a holiday, meaning shareholders aren’t going to get as big profit as they would hope.