Using Rental Car GPS in Turkey

If you rent a car in Turkey, probably you’ll need to use navigation system of the car. If the car has a navigation device (GPS), it is likely to be available in different languages. Whether the device in the car, or maps or navigation applications in your own smartphone, you’ll find a few information here…

1) If you have to write the address of your destination in Turkish:
A) Some terms will make it easier for you to type an address.
i) Sokak – Street ~ Number or Name of the Street, and the Term. eg. 65. Sokak or Yasemin Sokak
ii) Cadde – Road / Avenue ~ Number or Name of the Road / Avenue and the Term. eg. 34. Cadde or Anadolu Caddesi
iii) Numara – Number ~ Number of the Entrance, Door or Building. eg. No: 40

B) Addressing scheme can be different than your country.
First, the street or road number (or name) is written in Turkish. Then the name or number of the building is indicated. Then the apartment number, village or neighborhood name is written. Finally, the name of the district and province is written. eg. Avrupa Caddesi, No: 22, Altunizade, Uskudar, Istanbul.

2) The names:
A) Hotels prefer to use their names in English or Turkish. The name of your destination can be like ABC Hotel, Hotel ABC or ABC Oteli. You should write it as they wrote it on their websites.
B) Airports are the same, and if you want to write in Turkish, you should write “havaalanı” or “havalimanı”.

3) Same or similar names, and possible errors:
A) When you write a name, system may offer more than one address. If these options are close each other, it’s okay; but if there’s a lot of distance between them, you can try different methods.
i) For example, you’re in Istanbul Airport and you wrote ABC Hotel (in Bursa). If it shows different addresses in Bursa, just follow it until you arrive the city. Then, if you know the street or road name (number) of the hotel, write and search it.
ii) Don’t trust street and road numbers at the starting point. There are hundreds of streets in Turkey with the same number. If you’re going to a different city, search the city first and write the district as soon as you got close to that city. Then when you get to that district, type the street number. In the same province, if you are going to address in a different district, first go to the district, then type the street number.
iii) Some hotels may have different branches with the same name in the same province or district. When there are very small differences in their names, navigation may be a mistake. In different districts in the same province, first go to the district, then to the hotel. If it appears in the same district, consider the street or road number, then you can go to your hotel more easily.

Have a safe journey…