Where to Eat Liver in Edirne?

dirne bazaar in a single environment Cigerci swarming this Aydin ‘s got front row. Established in 1998, you know not much. In the narrow streets and tiny shops, the eye of everyone who walks on the street and even the shopkeepers are in Aydın Tava Ciger Hall .
We, who like veal liver  dry grill , did not give much to the pan liver – in Istanbul, thinking that it lost its true flavor. But the situation here is different! Membrane peeled, cut to the thinness of leaves and nerves and veins free of the main flavor of the liver stems from the fact that they are milk calf liver. And of course the skill of his master. But not all of them are the main reason why they are always in front of your restaurant.
Aydın Tava The most attractive feature of the liver hall was the colors on the table. The whole tablebrings nothing but the idea of  I should definitely eat here ”. Dried and roasted Edirne’s hot pepper, roast green peppers, tomatoes, onions, tiny bitter pickled peppers, red hot pepper sauce and a buttermilk next to the misfortune of the table, you are the only thing left missing.
The pan-months-ciger-nevale-edirne
ir, this country eats liver!
In our opinion, there are two things that go well with this lung; One is onion, the other is dried and fried hot pepper. As both of these appetites open to the end, your desire to eat the liver starts to pull into a bottomless well.
At Aydın Tava Ciger Salonu , waiters ask you nasıl how should your liver be cooked piş . You can specify your preference by saying less bitter or bitter . We didn’t break the tradition here because we like the little crap of everything. We tried to send the navels together with the lungs to our stomach while throwing the fluffy lungs which were less cooked. Undoubtedly, this effort has received much appreciation from around, as the table was continued to be supplemented by waiters.
Another thing to know about pans liver in Edirne is that liver prices are cheaper than larger cities. As it is known, oil is one of the most important factors determining food prices. In this case, it is not difficult to conclude that Edirne is close to the main source of meat.
Now let’s get to the real secret. It is said that these lungs are washed thoroughly and then left in a perforated colander so that there is no blood left. But the truth is; “Water disrupts the liver.” Moreover, the watery liver does not enter the grid, or even go anywhere. When this happens, blessed salt enters the stage, dear reader. Livers deposited in salt leave their water in salt and become suitable for cooking. Then come hayda bre in the hot oil-soaked lungs.
What the hell, man! Kittens wait at the table.