Where to Eat Liver Shish in Antalya?

If we came to life again, we think that we would be one of those who like to eat liver again Probably if we were born in Antalya, Cigerci Eyup Usta’s contribution would be great. But what we call the liver, the organ of the animal – as it goes in our writing – is not something that can be eaten naked just because it is so lonely. There will be an onion next to it, so that it takes the “mas mas” of the liver, and it will make the table taste more colorful with a little acidic juice. Well, that’s a bit like eating liver.
I come to the issue quickly; We have been in pursuit of the perfect taste for 8 years, we have overcome the problematic problem of eating good liver in Antalya when it comes to Cigerci Eyup Usta . If you love a liver, you say you can benefit from it.
The reason is simple. Eyüp liver makes sheep liver in the style you can eat in Urfa In addition, it serves with various varieties of nevale as in Mersin-type lungs. Once you have placed these colorful navels in four divided lavashes and you have taken the lamb liver in the middle of the lavash, this is done. It’s actually that easy to eat liver skewers. However, it is hard to find a good liver and eat.
Ciğerci Eyüp has really filled a gap in terms of presenting Urfa-style gras in Antalya, but there are still no distances to cover. The place is not so cheap, the prices are not cheap, the garnishes are not good quality and they do not meet the same standards in every spit of your lungs. Don’t think we eat them just because we’re saying this. Cigerci Eyup Usta is a blessing that cannot be found in Antalya. So, what do we say this compared to? Of course, compared to what we ate in Urfa. Because this place Urfa school claims that the liver is made of sheep liver, as all our readers already know that the work of Urfa. Since you cannot find it anywhere in Antalya, such an establishment is worth gold.
If you go to Cigerci Eyup Usta , don’t ask for beef liver. You’il regret it. (We wanted to mention again that we know that some people do not eat saying “The moon smells of sheep on my nose, ouh! Öğ) Because there is only sheep gras and sheep gras smells more than calf liver. We don’t bother because we love scented things. Lavasha bass paste, bass sumac onions, czech liver shish, is nice.
Well done!